my happy memory

my happy memory is… building the tree house. Why? because…

Together time with my dad and little brother, and that is important because we don’t get it that often, and with the tree house we are all working together.

The tree house is made out of…planks, more planks some screws and half-foot-long bolts. the tree house has a pulley system made out of an old bicycle wheel some rope and two buckets. The tree house has a rope ladder that has three rungs on each row. The tree house is in a really steep part of the gully, so one part is way higher than another part, and there is a small “If you were in charge, how would you be helping our community right now?below the tree house.

         I am hoping for the tree house to be like a snow fort in the winter because that would be really fun because all I would need to do to get people off               the ladder would be to drop snowball on there heads. and hopefully they would sled down the trail that goes under the tree house.

the tree house sways in the breeze like it’s alive and it makes me sea sick when it’s really windy. the tree house makes me feel more alive when climbing the rope ladder.

3 thoughts on “my happy memory

  1. Your tree house sounds great! Have you ever tried sleeping in it overnight? Maybe on a calm night so you don’t get seasick from the wind?

  2. A tree house is awesome, especially when you built it with your dad and brother. When we lived in Cessy, France, outside of Geneva, your oncle Pierre was a young boy like you. He and his dad, your Baba, built a beautiful tree house in our garden, overlooking the plain outside our house. It was a great house, with a roof, walls with windows, and you could access it, climbing the tree and enter through a trap on the floor. Which meant that once you were in the house, nobody could come in as you were sitting on the trap! Pierre spent amny hours there, reading, shooting his bow and arrow or eating snacks. I think he slept there a few times. I went in there occasionnally, when invited, and I totally understand what you mean by “swaying in the breeze like it’s alive”. It was the same with Pierre’s tree house and that took me by surprise as I did not know it would feel that way. Pierre used the tree house for many years, I thought it was the coolest thing in our house. We made sure we sold our house to a family with kids (3 young boys!) when we sold it, so that the tree house would know many more years of fun. It was solidly built so I bet it still exists!

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