the Cringlians



The Cringlians        

It all started with a game, the  game… well it turned out the name of the game was the key word to making the Cringlians come, and when they came they infected a great number of people with a strange virus that was called the Cringe, which makes people wander around saying “crrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnge…”  and things like “cringey cringy cringey!” Or… “hello there!” in a weird voice. The sickness is highly contagious. 

Once the handful of kids who accidentally summoned the Cringlians found out it was their fault they got it in their heads that they needed to find a cure to the deadly cringe virus. 

They journeyed to a part of earth where the Cringlians lived to find that it was under heavy guard from the biggest of Cringlians. While they discussed their  plans, the Cringlians discussed theirs. They noticed there that the guard shift changes every half hour, so they snuck into the camp, but a guard noticed them and asked “do you know the way?” and the kids split up into pairs, each running their separate ways. One gave it some thought and said “what way?” and the Cringlian said “the way of the cringe.” Then that kid said “I do not know the way but I wish to learn it.” and then that same boy had an idea and he said “I seek the cure to the deadly cringe virus.” The Cringlian said “oh, you want the cure? It is grapefruit fizzy water, but wait! You aren’t supposed to know that! I have to destroy you now. At this moment most of the other boys krept back to watch but what they saw was one of the other boys rushing towards them screaming about grapefruit fizzy water and an angry Cringlian chasing them and as they ran they found their way blocked by a giant Cringlian! One boy slid through the Cringlians legs, another boy used the Cringlian’s head as a springboard and the rest just rushed him so the Cringlian jumped to the side before he was overwhelmed and before he was even back on his feet those boys were out of there. And so because of the blundering Cringlian they found the cure and saved the world.




(by the way I happen to be the kid who talked to the alien. 😁)

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