the alien shoes.


Once I was walking along the sidewalk and I saw a brand new pair of shoes that none seemed to want, so I took them home and while examining them I found there was a tracking beacon taped to the soles! I quickly ripped the tracking beacons off and smashed them with a hammer. Then I noticed that the label on the shoes said “LowGrav” I thought that was weird so I put them on and… when I took a step forward I shot twenty feet out of the garage and into the air! Then I slowly came back down to the ground. Then I understood why the label said LowGrav, it was because they were low gravity sneakers! 

I tried very carefully to take another step and managed to only make a tiny three foot hop. Then I jumped and landed on top of the roof of our house! Then I propelled myself sideways like superman. I slowly drifted to the ground and while I was in midair I remembered something about mass, And realized the planet could still crush me!!! 

I tried to turn so my feet hit the ground first and when I hit I bended my knees to absorb the impact. Shock waves went through my body and shot me back up again, and this time when I came down I grabbed the grass so I didn’t end up bouncing everywhere. After I had stopped bouncing I took the shoes off… and felt like I was being crushed by three thousand weights. I reminded myself that this was normal gravity, then put on my normal shoes and hid the LowGravs in the shed, because after all the excitement I was very tired and I went to bed. 

The next morning when I checked the shed the shoes were not there! A few old tools yes, but no shoes! I was just starting to think the entire last night had been a dream when I found a note that said: thank you for your review earthling, we will now sell the shoes on our planet. And I was shocked! Those shoes were for aliens?  I was so shocked I walked back to my room and slept for another hour… and when I woke up, the surroundings were different from my bedroom, instead of a small square room with a rectangular window, it was a wide circular room with several round windows, and a table with a platter of food from which I ate. I got up and looked out one of the windows… and saw the depths of outer space! Wait a minute, I thought. a note from aliens? Depths of space? Suddenly I knew where I was… I was on an alien spaceship!!!

I ran to the door, and, to my suprise, it was unlocked. I went back to the room then grabbed a platter, because it might come in handy. I ran down  a curving hallway trying to find an escape pod and the only one I found needed a pass code. Suddenly I had a different idea: why take an escape pod, when I can take the whole ship? I rushed in the direction I hoped was the cockpit was, while muttering 

“Would it kill them to put a you are here map in this place?”

 When I came around the next corridor I almost came face to face with two aliens- I thought they were talking excitedly about shoes but I didn’t stick around to find out. I ran up the hallway and saw a door with strange writing on it. I opened the door to find a robot piloting the ship! It’s head turned around and said 

You are not authorized to be here” then it slowly reached towards a button marked ALARM. I yelled 

“No!!! you’ve got it all wrong! I’m the new bellboy! Do you want anything?” as the robot started to speak I smashed the platter I had been carrying over its head then grabbed the controls and swung the ship back towards earth. Then I heard a commotion outside the door and saw several escape pods launch into the depths of space. I ran to the last escape pod and  entered the code which I had found in the cockpit, (the code was 562) and piloted it towards earth while leaving the spaceship behind. I landed in the backyard of my house in the middle of the night, got up, went inside and fell asleep.


By Merlin.

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