the alien shoes.

  Once I was walking along the sidewalk and I saw a brand new pair of shoes that none seemed to want, so I took them home and while examining them I found there was a tracking beacon taped to the soles! I quickly ripped the tracking beacons off and smashed them with a hammer. … Continue reading the alien shoes.

the Cringlians

    The Cringlians         It all started with a game, the  game… well it turned out the name of the game was the key word to making the Cringlians come, and when they came they infected a great number of people with a strange virus that was called the Cringe, which makes people wander … Continue reading the Cringlians

my happy memory

my happy memory is… building the tree house. Why? because… Together time with my dad and little brother, and that is important because we don’t get it that often, and with the tree house we are all working together. The tree house is made out of…planks, more planks some screws and half-foot-long bolts. the tree … Continue reading my happy memory

one green apple essay

One green apple essay By Merlin   Intro Have you thought about what it feels like to be someone who has just moved to this country and can’t speak your language? I think that This text shows that people need to actively welcome new people because we are all unique and we are better together.  … Continue reading one green apple essay

Rick Riordain essay

Contents:                      1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians       The heroes of Olympus       The trials of Apollo   Intro: Rick Riordan has written many series but I’m only going to talk about the myth themed ones. Percy Jackson and the Olympians series … Continue reading Rick Riordain essay

Z and Me

Games me and Z play are… Stratego, a battlefield strategy game. Bughouse chess, a version of chess where you play on teams. Dungeons and Dragons the world’s most popular roleplaying game.                                                  … Continue reading Z and Me

The Sled-ball Fight

On new year’s day, we hosted an out-door in-door sledding party. As we waited for the guests to arrive I broke trail for the sledding, I also decorated the yard with snowballs rolled across the ground. We also set up a slack-line in the front yard and I invented a game where you try to … Continue reading The Sled-ball Fight

my bed

my bed makes me feel… my bed makes me feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed, my bed makes me feel dozy. my bed smells like… my bed smells like soap and rosemary shampoo, my bed smells like me. my bed sounds like… my bed sounds like my sleeping rubbing against itself, and also sounds like the … Continue reading my bed