The Fall

I climbed to the top of Bedrock mountain when I reached the top I strode to the edge of a cliff that is herculean! I strode to the edge and looked down the sheer drop, suddenly as a strong gust of wind started to blow, I stumbled into the open air! Rapidly I grabbed a bijou tree branch that was sticking out from the krantz!
As I gradually back up the slope, my heart was pounding so hard that I could feel it in my hands. Suddenly the rock I was holding on to broke and I fell down the sierra! I grabbed at ledges as I flew past slowing my fall a little. Promptly a big ledge came up underneath me, I grabbed a small branch as I fell toward the big ledge then dropped onto the big ledge.
There is a cave over here, I better check it out, it looks man-made. As I crawled into the cave I noticed that it was not a cave but a tunnel. The tunnel started angling upward and as I went I saw paintings on the wall, ancient people must have carved this tunnel. I realized. As I crawled upward the darkness pressed in around me. Suddenly my head hit something “ow” I muttered. I put my hand up, sure enough, I felt something. I pushed with all my vigor, it shifted and sunlight hit my face. I was back at the top of the mountain.

New York Times Best Selling Author Plays Hooky from Studio to go to Small Maine School!

Monday 12/9/19, the day everyone has been waiting for, the day that he came to our school. Matt Tavares writer of Growing Up Pedro, Mudball and “Dasher” Illustrator of Crossing Niagara and Growing up Ted Williams he had an amazing speech on how he made his books. The talk included a slide show that had pictures of his studio and unreleased work, Matt even showed the students the front cover of his next book which will be called Ben Of All Trades.

Matt also drew a reindeer as a demonstration of his work, and it turned out pretty good. 

He showed the students that it takes a little more than a year to make a picture book. Matt says, “If you thought authors would bang out books send them in, then you thought wrong.” Matt explained how long it took to make just one illustration, a little more than a week at the least.  

Mrs. Marc-Aurele was freaking out more than anyone else because she is a huge Matt Tavares fan and could barely even talk to Matt Tavares, even though she was with him all day, (she’s a huge fan of Matt Tavares). Others, like Mrs. Marc-Aurele were talking excitedly all around the school.

A few kids got to even have lunch with Matt! This was a special occasion that has never happened at this school! ( the lunch, not the author.)

   A little later in the day kids got to have a drawing session with Matt. Each kid got a slip of paper that said “I kept flying trying to catch up, soon I found myself in a place unlike any I had ever seen.”  Each student was told to draw what came to mind for them. No one got erasers, which was troubling to some students.

 Each student’s drawing was unique. The drawings ranged from Spiderman to people being shot out of cannons, and many others. The book that the words come from is “Red and Lulu” a lovely Christmas story about two cardinals. 

Everyone was sad when Matt had to leave.                 

The Snowball Fight

Once my dad went on a walk, so I decided to make a big snow fort so I grabbed a shovel and started piling it in a semicircle. I did not pack it in because that would be extra work, but I threw a few snowballs at it to make sure it was strong enough. I put a bunch of snow balls behind it then I ran around hiding snow balls everywere, in case I had to retreat. Then I put a bunch of snow balls on a shovel to launch all at once, and also got a snow ball launcher that only launches one snow ball at a time.
Then my mom sent my little brother out to play, so I gave him the launcher that throws one snow ball at a time, then I made him a mini snow ball stash so he could reload and not use up my stash. Then a snow ball hit me in the face dad was ambushing us! I told him to go to his side, and he did, but not before grabbing a lacross stick! My little brother threw a few snow balls then switched sides!
Thank goodness I got the snow ball launcher back the snow fort held just fine but only kept 47% of snow balls from hitting me. I launched the snow balls from the shovel, (they all missed)and began using it as a shield. I moved behind the grill which kept 62% percent of snow balls off of me. The shovel combined with the grill = 80% protection from snow balls. suddenly my stash of snow balls ran dry! I started throwing regular old snow at my dad with the shovel. Then I had to retreat behind the fece and use my first stash. Then I ran to the car used the second stash up and so on until I got back around to the main battle field. I kept pelting my dad with snow balls. Then my little brother wanted to do the trapeze and that was the end of that.


                                                                   by Merlin.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Once I was at pincolm pond, and I decided to go off the top of the rope swing. I grabbed the rope, went to the top of the ladder, took a deep breath, and jumped. As I swung out over the water, I saw a great future for myself as I fell towards the water at break-neck speeds. Woomf!  climb out of the water and go crazy! Someone comes over and tells me: you were just invited into the diving olympics. “Wooooooooooooooooo!” I scream. 

It’s the big day!!! When it is my turn I walk up to the diving board take a deep breath and jump. Suddenly something goes horribly wrong! I am belly flopping! “aaaaaaaaaaaa!”As I scream I feel like I am getting lighter. For some reason I feel like I am going up instead of down. Then suddenly I realize I am going up! I can fly! Suddenly a beam of sunlight its my wing as I pass by a window. my wing? I thought I had arms! As the sunlight hits my wing it melts away until my arm is back. I feel like Icarus I thought to myself as I fell. I was strangely calm. 

Suddenly I wake up on a big rock. I realize I am at pincolm pond It had all been a dream, and I was lucky to be alive. 

unexpectedly I woke up again! All the judges were standing over me, saying something. But the only part I understood was “you win this match.” then I fell back asleep. I woke in line for the final match for the diving olympics. The person in front of me did two flips and one twirl, there score was six eight seven. Then it was my turn. I did three flips and one twirl. My score was eight eight seven. Yesss I whispered when I got out of the water the person after me got four ten ten. Tough score to beat.

In the next round of the finals I was up first. I calmly climbed  up the ladder took a deep breath, and jumped. I did two triple gainers and one flip. I got the best score yet. Ten ten nine! I climbed out of the water and acknowledged the screams of adulation. 

At the third and final round I slowly climb up the ladder, heart pounding in my skull. When I reach the top I walk out over the platform, I pause at the edge take several deep breaths and jump. I don’t even know what I did until someone told me that I did three triple gainers and one twirl. My score was ten ten ten! Best score out of everyone! The person after me got nine nine ten! Good, but not enough. I WIN!!!!!!

The plane trip home was several hours long and boring and the only thing you could do was look out the window, and it was foggy so you couldn’t see anything.

Two days later I go on a diving tour around the united states of america first stop, texas.  I take a plane (first class) to the closest airport to my destination in texas, a 12 meter diving board. I take a small bus to my destination. 

When I arrive I notice a long line coming out of the building in which the twelve meter diving board stands. It takes a long time but I finally got inside. I slowly make my way over to the diving board. As I climb up the ladder I feel eyes upon me, watching me seeing if I will make it… or not. This will feel great, I thought to myself. When I reached the top, I went to the edge looked down, took a breath, and jumped. I aimed for a perfect swan dive and got what I aimed for. As I climbed out of the water the air was deathly silent, then scattered applause after that an uproar of cheering and clapping. “Thank you thank you” I declared.

“Next stop los angeles” I yelled out to my new fans. 

The plane trip is short and awesome, because we flew over a cityscape without any clouds so it looked really cool. When we landed I rented a car, and drove to a swimming pool that had a thirteen meter diving board. There was no one on it so I got to go on it right away. As I climb I noticed a crowd gathering below me. As I climb people below me look like ants. When I reach the top I take a deep breath, look down and jump, there’s just one small problem. I belly flop. I scream as I fall. And I know a world of pain is coming. When I hit the water I strangely am not in pain. 

Suddenly I am sitting on a big rock then, I realize I had never been in the diving olympics at all it had all been a dream, and I was lucky to be alive. 

The end