Rick Riordain essay

Contents:                      1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians  


  1.   The heroes of Olympus


  1.     The trials of Apollo


Intro: Rick Riordan has written many series but I’m only going to talk about the myth themed ones.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians series mixes Greek mythology with modern times. It’s about a twelve-sixteen-year-old boy whose father is Poseidon, a sea god. Every school he goes to kicks him out because ancient Greek monsters want to kill him and blow up his schools in the process. His best friend who is half goat half human a creature called a satyr. He ends up at a camp for half god half-mortal kids and has a ton of adventures.

The heroes of Olympus series is where it turns out there is another camp for roman gods children and the Romans get offended and attack the Greek camp, but there are seven demigods from both camps working together to stop the end of the world and in the end both camps have to work together.

The trials of Apollo series is where a Greek god falls out of the sky and the camps figure out that someone or more accurately three people are behind everything. This series is a bunch of betrayals sadness and destruction. 


Oh, and Percy Jackson is in every one of these series.

The end. By Merlin

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