The Sled-ball Fight

On new year’s day, we hosted an out-door in-door sledding party.
As we waited for the guests to arrive I broke trail for the sledding, I also decorated the yard with snowballs rolled across the ground.
We also set up a slack-line in the front yard and I invented a game where you try to fall off in the funniest way possible.
When the guests started arriving I was outside helping set up the slack-line, so I showed them where the sledding would be.

A little while later, a couple friends arrived, and we did a couple of sled runs. After a while, me and one of my friends took two sleds and set up a small fort so we could pelt people with snowballs. Since Jae was pretty much the only person going on (except for the occasional dad with a kid). He was our primary target. Once as Jae flipped over right in front of us,  we hit him with a hundred trillion snowballs. But, once he got his bearings back he sped off with me in a sled full of snowballs right behind him. His snowballs all got smashed but I still chased him down and hit him with a bunch of new snowballs.


A little while later my other friend came down in another sled full of snowballs (the snowballs got smashed) and made a fort out of sleds that we threw snowballs at Jae from. A little while later, I switched sides hit my teammate and ran down to join Jae who said “you deserve this” and then hit me on the head with a snowball.  I said, “Yeah I probably deserved that.”

After a little while, my other friend had to go back home so it was just me and Jae.  We took to going after adults and that was really hard because they had better-throwing arms than us. But, we made up for that by ambushing adults from behind trees and only one adult could come down at a time.

At one point my dad and this guy named Sam came down and wreaked havoc upon us. Once they went back up, I started plotting revenge against Sam. I rolled a basketball-sized snowball and the next time Sam came down I threw it on him and he wiped out then ran up the hill with us chasing him.

A little while later another adult came down in a sled full of snowballs, but I threw a snowball into the sled destroying all the snowballs. I threw a bunch of snowballs at him as he ran up the hill, Jae doing the same, while Jae and I laughed at our good fortune after a while we went inside and did my N.E.S.

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