The Fall

I climbed to the top of Bedrock mountain when I reached the top I strode to the edge of a cliff that is herculean! I strode to the edge and looked down the sheer drop, suddenly as a strong gust of wind started to blow, I stumbled into the open air! Rapidly I grabbed a bijou tree branch that was sticking out from the krantz!
As I gradually back up the slope, my heart was pounding so hard that I could feel it in my hands. Suddenly the rock I was holding on to broke and I fell down the sierra! I grabbed at ledges as I flew past slowing my fall a little. Promptly a big ledge came up underneath me, I grabbed a small branch as I fell toward the big ledge then dropped onto the big ledge.
There is a cave over here, I better check it out, it looks man-made. As I crawled into the cave I noticed that it was not a cave but a tunnel. The tunnel started angling upward and as I went I saw paintings on the wall, ancient people must have carved this tunnel. I realized. As I crawled upward the darkness pressed in around me. Suddenly my head hit something “ow” I muttered. I put my hand up, sure enough, I felt something. I pushed with all my vigor, it shifted and sunlight hit my face. I was back at the top of the mountain.

4 thoughts on “The Fall

  1. I loved the mention of the “bijou tree”… for a while, I saw a bejewelled, sparkling tree over a precipice. So beautiful! I loved how the tunnel was crawling upward… unusual. Great story!

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