The Snowball Fight

Once my dad went on a walk, so I decided to make a big snow fort so I grabbed a shovel and started piling it in a semicircle. I did not pack it in because that would be extra work, but I threw a few snowballs at it to make sure it was strong enough. I put a bunch of snow balls behind it then I ran around hiding snow balls everywere, in case I had to retreat. Then I put a bunch of snow balls on a shovel to launch all at once, and also got a snow ball launcher that only launches one snow ball at a time.
Then my mom sent my little brother out to play, so I gave him the launcher that throws one snow ball at a time, then I made him a mini snow ball stash so he could reload and not use up my stash. Then a snow ball hit me in the face dad was ambushing us! I told him to go to his side, and he did, but not before grabbing a lacross stick! My little brother threw a few snow balls then switched sides!
Thank goodness I got the snow ball launcher back the snow fort held just fine but only kept 47% of snow balls from hitting me. I launched the snow balls from the shovel, (they all missed)and began using it as a shield. I moved behind the grill which kept 62% percent of snow balls off of me. The shovel combined with the grill = 80% protection from snow balls. suddenly my stash of snow balls ran dry! I started throwing regular old snow at my dad with the shovel. Then I had to retreat behind the fece and use my first stash. Then I ran to the car used the second stash up and so on until I got back around to the main battle field. I kept pelting my dad with snow balls. Then my little brother wanted to do the trapeze and that was the end of that.

3 thoughts on “The Snowball Fight

  1. I laughed at the precision of the math, why 47% and not 50%? Fun! It sounded like a really fun day. I liked how you gave your little brother his own stash of balls, that was so kind! I could just imagine the scene, because i have had snow fights with you before and know you can be fierce!

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