the alien shoes.


Once I was walking along the sidewalk and I saw a brand new pair of shoes that none seemed to want, so I took them home and while examining them I found there was a tracking beacon taped to the soles! I quickly ripped the tracking beacons off and smashed them with a hammer. Then I noticed that the label on the shoes said “LowGrav” I thought that was weird so I put them on and… when I took a step forward I shot twenty feet out of the garage and into the air! Then I slowly came back down to the ground. Then I understood why the label said LowGrav, it was because they were low gravity sneakers! 

I tried very carefully to take another step and managed to only make a tiny three foot hop. Then I jumped and landed on top of the roof of our house! Then I propelled myself sideways like superman. I slowly drifted to the ground and while I was in midair I remembered something about mass, And realized the planet could still crush me!!! 

I tried to turn so my feet hit the ground first and when I hit I bended my knees to absorb the impact. Shock waves went through my body and shot me back up again, and this time when I came down I grabbed the grass so I didn’t end up bouncing everywhere. After I had stopped bouncing I took the shoes off… and felt like I was being crushed by three thousand weights. I reminded myself that this was normal gravity, then put on my normal shoes and hid the LowGravs in the shed, because after all the excitement I was very tired and I went to bed. 

The next morning when I checked the shed the shoes were not there! A few old tools yes, but no shoes! I was just starting to think the entire last night had been a dream when I found a note that said: thank you for your review earthling, we will now sell the shoes on our planet. And I was shocked! Those shoes were for aliens?  I was so shocked I walked back to my room and slept for another hour… and when I woke up, the surroundings were different from my bedroom, instead of a small square room with a rectangular window, it was a wide circular room with several round windows, and a table with a platter of food from which I ate. I got up and looked out one of the windows… and saw the depths of outer space! Wait a minute, I thought. a note from aliens? Depths of space? Suddenly I knew where I was… I was on an alien spaceship!!!

I ran to the door, and, to my suprise, it was unlocked. I went back to the room then grabbed a platter, because it might come in handy. I ran down  a curving hallway trying to find an escape pod and the only one I found needed a pass code. Suddenly I had a different idea: why take an escape pod, when I can take the whole ship? I rushed in the direction I hoped was the cockpit was, while muttering 

“Would it kill them to put a you are here map in this place?”

 When I came around the next corridor I almost came face to face with two aliens- I thought they were talking excitedly about shoes but I didn’t stick around to find out. I ran up the hallway and saw a door with strange writing on it. I opened the door to find a robot piloting the ship! It’s head turned around and said 

You are not authorized to be here” then it slowly reached towards a button marked ALARM. I yelled 

“No!!! you’ve got it all wrong! I’m the new bellboy! Do you want anything?” as the robot started to speak I smashed the platter I had been carrying over its head then grabbed the controls and swung the ship back towards earth. Then I heard a commotion outside the door and saw several escape pods launch into the depths of space. I ran to the last escape pod and  entered the code which I had found in the cockpit, (the code was 562) and piloted it towards earth while leaving the spaceship behind. I landed in the backyard of my house in the middle of the night, got up, went inside and fell asleep.


By Merlin.

my super power would be…

 “If you had a super-power, what would it be and how would you use it for good?” 


Well to be truthful I would probably want the power to go anywhere in time, like to the future, but mostly I would go back in time and stop terrible events from happening. That way it does not matter how many times I mess up because I could just go back and fix it, and I could go back in time a lot of times, each time taking my younger self with me and creating an army of myself. Also I would want to be immune to paradoxes that way when if one of my younger selves dies, then I would not vanish and could go back in time and stop it from happening. Also it would be pretty fun to be like: noooooooooooo you killed the governor! then just go back and stop it from happening. 

Another super power I would want as a bonus would be being extremely strong, but I probably would have trouble keeping my identity secret so I would want to stay real thin. It would be awesome to punch through solid steel and then go back in time and do it all over again, but I probably would not do that because I would be in a rush. It would also be cool to shoot boiling water from my eyes as another bonus. 

the Cringlians



The Cringlians        

It all started with a game, the  game… well it turned out the name of the game was the key word to making the Cringlians come, and when they came they infected a great number of people with a strange virus that was called the Cringe, which makes people wander around saying “crrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnnge…”  and things like “cringey cringy cringey!” Or… “hello there!” in a weird voice. The sickness is highly contagious. 

Once the handful of kids who accidentally summoned the Cringlians found out it was their fault they got it in their heads that they needed to find a cure to the deadly cringe virus. 

They journeyed to a part of earth where the Cringlians lived to find that it was under heavy guard from the biggest of Cringlians. While they discussed their  plans, the Cringlians discussed theirs. They noticed there that the guard shift changes every half hour, so they snuck into the camp, but a guard noticed them and asked “do you know the way?” and the kids split up into pairs, each running their separate ways. One gave it some thought and said “what way?” and the Cringlian said “the way of the cringe.” Then that kid said “I do not know the way but I wish to learn it.” and then that same boy had an idea and he said “I seek the cure to the deadly cringe virus.” The Cringlian said “oh, you want the cure? It is grapefruit fizzy water, but wait! You aren’t supposed to know that! I have to destroy you now. At this moment most of the other boys krept back to watch but what they saw was one of the other boys rushing towards them screaming about grapefruit fizzy water and an angry Cringlian chasing them and as they ran they found their way blocked by a giant Cringlian! One boy slid through the Cringlians legs, another boy used the Cringlian’s head as a springboard and the rest just rushed him so the Cringlian jumped to the side before he was overwhelmed and before he was even back on his feet those boys were out of there. And so because of the blundering Cringlian they found the cure and saved the world.




(by the way I happen to be the kid who talked to the alien. 😁)

my happy memory

my happy memory is… building the tree house. Why? because…

Together time with my dad and little brother, and that is important because we don’t get it that often, and with the tree house we are all working together.

The tree house is made out of…planks, more planks some screws and half-foot-long bolts. the tree house has a pulley system made out of an old bicycle wheel some rope and two buckets. The tree house has a rope ladder that has three rungs on each row. The tree house is in a really steep part of the gully, so one part is way higher than another part, and there is a small “If you were in charge, how would you be helping our community right now?below the tree house.

         I am hoping for the tree house to be like a snow fort in the winter because that would be really fun because all I would need to do to get people off               the ladder would be to drop snowball on there heads. and hopefully they would sled down the trail that goes under the tree house.

the tree house sways in the breeze like it’s alive and it makes me sea sick when it’s really windy. the tree house makes me feel more alive when climbing the rope ladder.

gluten free food is not bad!!!

Gluten-free food isn’t as bad as you think it is. By Merlin

I know it sounds crazy but it’s not. 

Reason 1

There are lots of things that you have eaten and liked, such as popcorn, cool ranch Doritos, some cookies, some pasta, some pizza, and more. You probably love all these things. And you probably did not know they were gluten-free.


Reason 2

You can’t taste the difference!!! Just try it. Sure maybe the pizza isn’t as puffy. Who cares? it still tastes the same! I don’t know how many times you have had cool ranch Doritos and loved them, but they’re gluten-free!


Reason 3

  You could be gluten-free and not know it! My mom didn’t know until she was in or past college!



one green apple essay

One green apple essay

By Merlin



Have you thought about what it feels like to be someone who has just moved to this country and can’t speak your language? I think that This text shows that people need to actively welcome new people because we are all unique and we are better together.  Read this to know what this feels like.


Reason 1 

When Anna smiles at Farah, Farah feels better about the place where she is because someone is trying to be her friend and that makes her feel better about herself. This makes me think that some people are trying to make her fit in, but some people are not because it said in the text that people glanced at her with cruel smiles and Farah also heard her country’s name mentioned not in a nice way, and this makes her sad. What this part of the text shows is that people are not actively welcoming new people.


Reason 2

When Farah picks the green apple she feels like it mirrors herself because there was only one tree with green apples that were small and insignificant and that’s exactly how she feels, so she picks the one she feels is most like her. This makes me think that Farah feels like an odd one out but I think that people need to actively welcome new people because we are all unique and we are better together. We should all welcome newcomers no matter how different they are. Have you ever felt this way? Like you have not truly been welcomed? If you have then you know what it feels like so please try to actively welcome new people because we are all unique and we are better together.

Reason 3 

In the end, Farah helped grind the juice into the cups and one of the kids tried to stop her from placing it in the grinder, but when they ground it up they had trouble and needed help so they gave Farah a place to help push the grinder. When they drank the apple cider Farah thought she could taste her apple and it blended in perfectly with the other apples and I think that Farah still felt like the green apple except now she fits in just like the apple, and this supports my claim that this text shows that people need to actively welcome new people because we are all unique and we are better together. 




 There many more people just like Farah that have gone through this, and even though Farah’s story never happened the events that happened mirrored several real-life events. I wonder just how many kids have gone through these things in life and how they handled it and I wonder if the people around them realized that people need to actively welcome new people because we are all unique and we are better together. I hope the others around them welcomed the people to the new places where they lived. Hopefully, they will read the text “one green apple” and understand that people need to actively welcome new people because we are all unique and we are better together.                                                                                     

Rick Riordain essay

Contents:                      1. Percy Jackson and the Olympians  


  1.   The heroes of Olympus


  1.     The trials of Apollo


Intro: Rick Riordan has written many series but I’m only going to talk about the myth themed ones.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians series mixes Greek mythology with modern times. It’s about a twelve-sixteen-year-old boy whose father is Poseidon, a sea god. Every school he goes to kicks him out because ancient Greek monsters want to kill him and blow up his schools in the process. His best friend who is half goat half human a creature called a satyr. He ends up at a camp for half god half-mortal kids and has a ton of adventures.

The heroes of Olympus series is where it turns out there is another camp for roman gods children and the Romans get offended and attack the Greek camp, but there are seven demigods from both camps working together to stop the end of the world and in the end both camps have to work together.

The trials of Apollo series is where a Greek god falls out of the sky and the camps figure out that someone or more accurately three people are behind everything. This series is a bunch of betrayals sadness and destruction. 


Oh, and Percy Jackson is in every one of these series.

The end. By Merlin

Z and Me

Games me and Z play are…

    • Stratego, a battlefield strategy game.
    • Bughouse chess, a version of chess where you play on teams.
    • Dungeons and Dragons the world’s most popular roleplaying game.                                                                                                                  ways me and Z get laughing are…
    • We have long spanking fights that end with us rolling on the floor laughing.
    • We make weird joke about things we are scared of.                                                                                                                                                  Z  is…
    • Z has really really dark brown hair.
    • Z is a lot like me and a great friend.                                                                                                                                                                           me and Z both share…
    • A sense of  weird humor that we almost never talk about.
    • When me and Z met I was nine months old and Z was six weeks old so we don’t remember meeting.                                               Me and Z communicate by mail because Z lives in Cambridge although we both just set up email accounts.

The Sled-ball Fight

On new year’s day, we hosted an out-door in-door sledding party.
As we waited for the guests to arrive I broke trail for the sledding, I also decorated the yard with snowballs rolled across the ground.
We also set up a slack-line in the front yard and I invented a game where you try to fall off in the funniest way possible.
When the guests started arriving I was outside helping set up the slack-line, so I showed them where the sledding would be.

A little while later, a couple friends arrived, and we did a couple of sled runs. After a while, me and one of my friends took two sleds and set up a small fort so we could pelt people with snowballs. Since Jae was pretty much the only person going on (except for the occasional dad with a kid). He was our primary target. Once as Jae flipped over right in front of us,  we hit him with a hundred trillion snowballs. But, once he got his bearings back he sped off with me in a sled full of snowballs right behind him. His snowballs all got smashed but I still chased him down and hit him with a bunch of new snowballs.


A little while later my other friend came down in another sled full of snowballs (the snowballs got smashed) and made a fort out of sleds that we threw snowballs at Jae from. A little while later, I switched sides hit my teammate and ran down to join Jae who said “you deserve this” and then hit me on the head with a snowball.  I said, “Yeah I probably deserved that.”

After a little while, my other friend had to go back home so it was just me and Jae.  We took to going after adults and that was really hard because they had better-throwing arms than us. But, we made up for that by ambushing adults from behind trees and only one adult could come down at a time.

At one point my dad and this guy named Sam came down and wreaked havoc upon us. Once they went back up, I started plotting revenge against Sam. I rolled a basketball-sized snowball and the next time Sam came down I threw it on him and he wiped out then ran up the hill with us chasing him.

A little while later another adult came down in a sled full of snowballs, but I threw a snowball into the sled destroying all the snowballs. I threw a bunch of snowballs at him as he ran up the hill, Jae doing the same, while Jae and I laughed at our good fortune after a while we went inside and did my N.E.S.

my bed

my bed makes me feel…

my bed makes me feel safe, comfortable, and relaxed, my bed makes me feel dozy.

my bed smells like…

my bed smells like soap and rosemary shampoo, my bed smells like me.

my bed sounds like…

my bed sounds like my sleeping rubbing against itself, and also sounds like the sand in my weighted blanket shifting, and the occasional book pages turning and the pitter-patter of rain.

my bed feels like…

my bed feels like a ti